AAA Quality Clean Cut - Lawn Maintenance, Trimming / Pruning, Landscape design & installation, Clean Ups, Vacation Services, Charlotte County, Florida

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AAA Quality Clean Cut - Lawn Maintenance, Trimming / Pruning, Landscape design & installation, Clean Ups, Vacation Services, Charlotte County, Florida
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Currently serving the following Florida communities:

Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Deep Creek, North Port, & now most of Englewood.

Our company is involved in our local community and a member of the Florida Landscape Maintenence Association.

AAA Quality Clean Cut Services include:

  • Lawn Maintenance:

    From the basic service including mowing, edging, trimming, & blowing off all concrete areas prior to ending our visit, to detailed intricate cuts available based on any customers specific requests. Programs can & will be tailored to your individual needs.

    Our clients can choose to be billed & pay per service or choose a monthly option that makes our premium quality services affordable all year long & avoids the expense “spike” of the rainy season when Florida properties require more attention.

    The utmost care is taken not to remove too much of a lawns leaf blade length (cutting off 1/3 the blade height or less is ideal) and we visit on a regular basis (weekly throughout the growing period, & bi weekly most of the rest of the year) so your lawn will always look great. We are always careful to make sure our equipment is well maintained, our blades are sharp to avoid the damage that can be caused by dull blades tugging at your lawn and to ensure the greatest quality cut. After all, Your lawn is our reputation!

  • Turf Fertilization:

    To keep a Florida lawn as healthy, full, and green as possible it does often require more than just a knowledgable mowing service. Many turf varieties do require a regular irrigation schedule and due to the sandy soil conditions here most lawns will benefit dramatically from a proper fertilization plan designed to rejuvinate the soil with vital nutrients & minerals to help florida laws thrive.

  • Trimming / Pruning:

    These services are available to maintain all of your precious ornamental shrubs, bushes, hedges & small trees. These services can be rolled into a regular service plan or taken care of on an as needed basis. Either way, we aim to keep your plants in shape.

  • Landscape design & installation

    From landscaping a brand new home, to giving your existing landscape a touch up or a complete facelift to improve the beauty & curb appeal, we’ve got you covered.

    This is one of my favorite parts of the business because you and your neighbors will be in awe of your homes’ new look. I pride myself on the “Wow, what a difference” comments. Consultations are free so I can gather information on what your project goals are and the type of budget you have set aside for your enhancements. Smaller designs are often free like all our other estimates, depending upon the complexity there may be a nominal design fee that will be waived once we start the job for you. This fee may vary depending on the size of the project.

    Commonly used materials for our area include a vast array of tropical & subtropical plants, perennials, ornamentals, annuals, and a multitude of palm tree species. All of which can be gorgeously accented with your choice of mulch, different colored stone, pine straw, edging, concrete boarders, & retaining wall stones.

  • Clean Ups

    For everything from big spring & fall clean ups to reclaiming an overgrown/neglected landscape you need a company that can handle the big jobs too. This is commonly referred to as hard pruning (cutting overgrown plants way back). You can rest assured you’ve got the right company on the job and we will work hard to make sure it looks as good as possible when we are done. All estimates for this kind of work are free and will include complete clean up of all clippings, removal & proper disposal of all waste material.

  • Vacation Services

    Once your vacation plans are complete simply sign up for our Vacation Service and the staff at AAA Quality Clean cut will maintain your residence while you are away. The benefits of this program are numerous. Keeping your lawn well maintained during the duration of your vacation deters unwanted guests that see an easy target in an unattended house.

    AAA Quality Clean Cut,LLC. Lawn Care and Landscaping Service, Great Rates and Better Quality, Guaranteed.

    Phone: (941) 380-3118

    * Serving: Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Englewood, Rotonda, and North Port Florida. *